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The Day We Found An Ocean Of Wild Raspberries

Airistosta löytyi villivadelmataivas

When heading for archipelago here in Finland, even for a quick weekend escape, there are a few essentials that I always bring along; My kayak, a mushroom knife and a basket for wild berries and mushrooms. Pictures of porcini and chanterelle…
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Let The Next Adventure Begin: Road Trip In The UK

Iso-Britannian road trip – Road trip in the UK

Tonight we’ll start our car and head towards new adventures! The destination will be England, but this time we’re not going to stay in London. Actually, this trip is about everything else but not London; it’s going to be an…
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Tips For A Successful Road Trip In Iceland

Tips for successful road trip in Iceland - Vinkit Islannissa autoiluun

The best tip than I—or anyone else—could ever give you for your upcoming trip to Iceland is this one: Don’t stay in Reykjavik more than a day or two! Rent a car instead and start driving, because that’s the best…
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I Moved My Office To a Lighthouse

Muutin toimistoni majakkaan – Kylmäpihlajan majakkasaari | Live now – dream later -matkablogi­

On Sunday evening the 19th of June I drove my kayak to the shore. I packed some clothes, my camera and laptop, a small first aid kit, some food and, of course, some red wine. Normally when I go kayaking…
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New York Top Spots: 5 Places You Don’t Want to Miss!

New York Top Spots: 5 Places You Don't Want to Miss! | Live now – dream later travel blog

New York caused some seriously mixed feelings for this small town girl who is spending her top moments in the woods and on quiet cobblestone streets. I already have publicly bemoaned about the horrible everyday life at Times Square, the harassing money…
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